Sunday, July 30, 2006

Time makes you suffer!

Time went by...soooo passing by, without a notice. My mind flew, betrayed, and played with me..causing anxiety...I knew this was happening, but how can you attack those demons inside your head? They confuse you. Now everything is fine...a new path of life is beginning, new plans, new perspectives of our future. Motivation has come...uncertainity also... but that I think, is the best part!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Story 2: Constructed

Walls of thick layers have been built around her. Every single brick has a word written on the inside: FEAR. She’s surrounded, this words attack her, and she’s wrapped by cold walls. For instants, she can break some part of it, and breathe, feel the fresh air, feel alive. Some other time, the ghost comes near, take the brick on the floor, and place it back again, hiding the sunshine from her sight, from her skin. No more fresh air, she feels like dying for God sake! Sometimes her view is blurry, and this makes her not be able to think well. She tries her hardest to break this wall, to destroy it, but how? She needs the same time ghosts and demons used to built it…maybe a little more…it’s not easy, not easy at all.
She’s scared, cold, and need a break…her hands hurt, these walls are hard. Her heart hurts also…she just wants to feel some peace, and accomplish everything planned, just help her move; help her taking apart these walls! Help her! There is so much to do, to write, to live. Give her the same tools to do it... but help her…so she can start writing something…

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Story 1: Unwritten

Life is waiting to begin, her glance went astray and the rest is unwritten. Time still passes, slowly; it walks so slowly, laughing at her. She is a salve. Tied. She’s in the middle of nowhere, blind, deaf, and speechless, waiting for the pen to start writing her destiny. Ghosts of doubt and pain fly around her head. Dazzling her. Don’t know what to do, she’s willing time to pass a little faster, cause anxiety is killing her. The idea of being a slave of time makes her want to scream…but still, the rest is unwritten…

Monday, July 10, 2006

Actualización de la página oficial de Interpol:

Hello everyone. Seeing that the website has lain furlough for a while, we felt that we owed you an update. And we’d imagine that in the absence of official emissions misinformation is rampant. So here it is: Things are good. Gettin’ some rest… gettin’ some sun. We did break up – four times - but that’s all behind us now. Carlos got a dog. His name is Gaius. Italian greyhound – looks like Carlos. Also, I think I’m moving to Jersey City; because that’s where the action is really at. Whoever the people on MySpace are, they’re not us.In all seriousness, we’re hard at work on the writing of album three. We’ve been at it for six months - in case you heard we were on hiatus. We’re all very excited about it and think that you will be too. Having yet to record, we can only say that Release will come sometime next year. As far as the website, check back for further developments and updates. And thanks for standing by. We have you all in our hearts and little pulsating musical minds. We can’t offer much of a preview at present, but I can tell you we’ve got one gem in the works entitled “The Heinrich Maneuver.” And another that was called “Pawn Shop.” But that’s called something else now. Thank you for being with us. And we truly look forward to sharing with you our newest.

Interpol <---click for more information

Thursday, July 6, 2006

A tribute to Interpol...and YOU...

The New
I wish I could live free, hope it's not beyond me, settling down takes time.
One day we'll live together, and life will be better, I have it here in my mind.
Baby, you know someday you'll slow. Baby, my hearts been breaking!
I gave a lot to you.
I take a lot from you too.
You slave a lot from me.
Guess you could say I gave you my edge.
But I can't pretend I don't need to defend some part of me from you.
I know I've spent some time lying.
You're looking all right tonight.
I think we should go...