Friday, December 22, 2006

Death be not proud

Death Be Not Proud by Jhon Donne
Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadfull,
for, thou art not so,
For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleepe, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure, then from thee, much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soules deliverie.
Thou art slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poyson, warre, and sicknesse dwell,
And poppie, or charms can make us sleep as well,
And better than thy stroak; why swell'st thou then?
One short sleep past, we wake eternally,
And Death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.

Para aquellos que creen en la vida eterna, como tu abuela. Descansa en paz, tu deseo mas grande desde hace 9 meses se ha cumplido, ahora estas con tu viejito disfrutando de la felicidad para siempre. Te quiero.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shinny days

Eventhough sometimes I'm confused,
& the clouds bring out some shadows that don't let me see the way...
I know that my life is exactly as I have dreamed.
The thing (you see) is that sometimes I don't want to see it.

I star to dig a hole, where all my anger comes from, jumping.
I shout, I cry, I scream!
I just can't see the world.
Suddenly, doves come out and bring peace in my heart.
One of them has your face, thank you for flying towards me.

A new year is coming, although I don't like time watching me.
All my judges have vanished, all the strict eyes are gone!
Now it's me and the shinny days, forget about the devil.
I have so many plans & goals.

People I care is there, by my side.
People I thought I knew, is locked inside the refrigerator.
Freezing & wishing to feel some heat in their skin.
Now it's me and the shinny days!

> frag <

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


3. DIG [4.17] We all have a weakness But some of ours are easier to identify. Look me in the eye & ask for forgiveness; we’ll make a pact to never speak that word again. Yes, you are my friend. We all have something that digs us, at least we dig each other.S o when weakness turns my ego up I know you’ll count on the me from yesterday. If I turn into another dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me.S ing this song remind me that we’ll always have each other when everything else is gone.We all have a sickness that cleverly attaches & multiplies No matter how we try. We all have someone that digs at us, at least we dig each other. So when sickness turns my ego up I know you’ll act as a clever medicine.If I turn into another dig me up from under what is covering The better part of me.Sing this song! Remind me that we’ll always have each other when everything else is gone. OK, each other… when everything else is gone.

incubus from the New album "Light Grenades"

Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Hardest Part

With you by my side I'm knowing myself,
it's hard to me, but I'm growing...