Saturday, November 4, 2006

Welcome to the black magic show!

"The Black Magic Show"
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!
Mediocrity and ignorance is today’s show!
Life falls like magical curtains in front of our blind eyes.
There it is, a black mask created by the social order.
Where’s the magical stick designed for life?
Or the red button that leads us to happiness?
Where is that special show for tonight, offering eternal delight?
Sometimes we act as we have been educated; people believe what they have been taught to believe and accept as true.
Like a lion's tamer in the middle of the show.
We suffer, because we want to suffer.
Life is just there, waiting for us to be taken.
It is up to us, to be responsible for our own life and actions, making everyday a magical one.
…and by some means, judgments, fears and stereotypes will vanish like rabbits inside the hat.

Welcome to the black magic show!
by frag