Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Scepter

The S C E P T E R

Walking in the rope of hope.
Asking myself: Where is my scope?
I strode and stroke my hand on your shoulder.

This scepter I carry gives me power & force.
Though, sometimes it blends and causes despair.
Love, a moldy love spread on your hands.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Stare

Many things are coming,

Many things I have not caught

I know the roots of my future are still there.
So many plans.
So many visions.

Grabbing my fork, staring at the moon…
I want to pick up the first one better for me.

Time is consuming us and our plans are floating,
just staring at us.
Staring at us.

Are you tired of waiting?
Or just anxious of what is coming.
The unexpected.

So many things I have in my mind
Feels like inside a rocketship heading Mars.
With all this black surrounding and embraacing

And there they are
Just staring

Staring at us both.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Almoner

The pointers are burning your flesh and bones. But you emboss your soul in the walls, leaving clefts that reminds us the pain.

You beg for no attention, you beg for them not to notice.
But pleas are not caught.
They bury in your moaning heart.

The almoner has come, and yet he has gone.
Many doubts in the air, and the pain is still there.
What have you done?

Soon the sun begrime its fire, embracing and holding so tight.

I look from the outside, dawdling and fooling around.
Cheating myself.
I "want to believe" nothing is happening.

The almoner has come, and yet he has gone.
I am deaf, i just stare and blink.
Stare and Blink

Time is consuming you, there's no more flesh.

So desperate, so anxious, so you.

(.:.)-->f. r. a. g.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Life is there, FlOATING! is just a matter of the way you catch it, you hold it...and live it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Imbiding Hole

Tonight is the moment of truth and delight,
feeling so stun about how life and death are the only I have.
Baby it is time to run and look at the sky, our eyes will be bright.
My mouth is so dry.
My hands are paper where time has drawn the lines.
Tomorrow is a maybe, should it be something else?
Many questions in such a small space.
I can handle it, it is just a matter of time.
I can handle it, it’s just a matter of time and space.

I’ve created this maze,
Dazzling, astounding sparks of images reminding the me from yesterday.

As I walk I think, I smile, and hope fill my mind and body.
Baby, that black hole will defeat us if we don’t hurry.

We’ve lived so many things here, the worst and the best.
Too many opposite things in such a small space.
I can handle it, it’s just a matter of time.
I can handle it, it’s just a matter of time and space.

The black hole is on my back, no light no sight.
Life goes by, no sensations, no feelings…it is just a matter of time.Time goes by, we grab it and we lose it at the same time.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Strip

it feels like i even know what freedom is? right now i have the complete domain of myself. I could fly if i wished to.
Today I can run and feel the air in my face, without fear. Time has no meaning, rules are in vain. This is what i have been willing for such a long time. Now that I have it...well...sometimes i do not know how to handle things..i still feel this treacherous bond sucking me so hard...leaving me breathless.. confusing me. I just want to find the scissors to cut this melancolic strip...for good.

P.S. If someone could see my life through a lens, everything would seem to be perfect, my surroundings, my stuff, my job, my friends....THE PERFECT LIFE I SHOULD SAY. It's funny how incongruous all this is in comparison with my inner side.


Thursday, June 7, 2007



Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Number 23

"There's no such thing as destiny. There are only different choices. Some choices are easy, some aren't. Those are the really important ones, the ones that define us as people."
23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 f 23 r 23 a 23 g 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 32 32 32 32 32 32 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

"Of course time is just a killing system... numbers with meanings attached to them. "
Walter Sparrow (Topsy Kretts) 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 2 32 3 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 f 23 r 23 a 23 g 23 m 23 a 23 t 23 a 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

Friday, April 6, 2007

Slave of the routine . .

A hoax this has been. Cheating on myself a long time ago.

I've been a slave of the routine, and it feels like a fingernail running down a chalkboard.

I was blind, or maybe I didn't want to see, because fear is a demon that turns your mind blind and your heart like an iceberg; bertaying yourself, acting against you...

I've been carriyng a bag full of anger and cans labeld as: "C O N F U S I O N".
I'm trapped in a maze like a mouse used for a psychological experiment.

It has been so heavy, than now my shoulders feel as if i had been lugging a high school back pack. I'm tired, exhausted, fearful, sad, desperate, anxious, upset. . . sometimes I just want to cry, and S C R E A M with all my strength, telling how much I love you and how much you are my reason for living, that I'm so angry to be in this stage, separated...but knowing that it is for the best. . .

Re-birth has come again, and this particular game I do not know how to play . . . where are the instructions? The rules? How am I supposed to know how to play the cards without you here. . . . . You have been my companion and the most faithful witness of every movement I made.

I'm scared, for sure I am. The path I was following suddenly became so blurry I am almost falling with every step I take. I miss you and I n e e d you, but at the same time, this is for the best, in the name of our dreams and plans we had gathered together like leaves on autumn.

So insecure I feel, I'm naked, vulnerable, cold and alone...and yet, you are always here in my mind...telling me to be strong...'cause this is for the best, RIGHT? . . . . . . Yes, I guess it is.

F r AG. . .

The Straight Story

The Straight Story
Dirección: David Lynch
Guión: Jhon Roach, Mary Sweeney
Actuación: Sissy Spacek, Richard Farmsworth, Joseph A. Carpenter
Producción: Pierre Edelman
Fotografía: Freddie Francis
Música: Angelo Badalamenti
Por: Tania Uribe (

Alvin Straight, es un hombre de 73 años que personifica una dualidad inevitable: la vida y la muerte. A pesar de ser un viejo enfermo de la vista y de sus caderas, Alvin se prepara para aventurarse en un viaje (probablemente el ultimo de su vida) con destino a Mount Zion, lugar donde habita su hermano enfermo. Debido a su delicada salud diagnosticada por el doctor, Alvin no puede conducir un auto para llegar a ver a su hermano, por lo que decide unir su podadora de césped a un viejo remolque con el propósito de emprender un viaje a través de los Estados Unidos y volver a ver a su hermano Lyle, con el que ha estado peleado por mas de 10 años. A lo largo de su viaje se encuentra con personas con quienes entabla relaciones cortas pero llenas de significado. En cada una de ellas deposita historias de su vida y su juventud, haciendo que el alma de Alvin rejuvenezca de nuevo por un momento. Cada historia nos deja pensando qué hemos hecho para disfrutar la vida al máximo, si hemos sido capaces de sobrellevar esos pequeños detalles a los que a veces les damos mucha importancia. Cada relato contado nos hace conocer mas a Alvin, su pasado y su presente, sin la necesidad de que el director haga una reconstrucción de su vida para entender porqué ha decidido hacer ese viaje de esa manera. Las seis semanas que tardó en llegar a su destino final significan para Alvin el proceso de enfrentar su orgullo y olvidar viejas heridas para volver a ver a su hermano con un alma nueva. David Lynch nos presenta una historia verdadera y honesta, diferente a todas sus demás películas (exceptuando El Hombre Elefante). Aquí no hay acertijos sin resolver, ni personajes extraños, ni historias sin sentido. Con The Straight Story nos muestra que además de eso, es capaz de narrar historias sencillas, conmovedoras y llenas de sentido. Ampliamente recomendada.
f r a g

Friday, March 30, 2007


There are ghosts flying once in a while. Some people say they don't exists, I say they do. Memories are like ghosts.
Memories are forever.
Unconsciously we keep them locked in a coffin.
At this moment of my life, a magical key appeared in my bed.
Anytime I feel ready, I unlock a ghost. My room starts to freeze, and I don't feel comfortable anymore, but this feelings are worth it, because I know the reward is knowing myself a bit more.
This ghosts don't scare me at all, on the contrary, I'm willing to see them, confronting them, yelling to go away...

Monday, March 5, 2007

A kiss to send us off

Here I am
there you are
on a wire connecting our hearts
there’s a string
that is tied
to a kite
There’s a storm
in the sky
now the clouds become electric
There you are.
Here I am
Could I…Have a…Kiss to send us off?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Eventhough tears run down my face, or a smile draws in my mouth...
So many feelings inside me like rivers of emotions never felt before and I'm soaking.
Am I awake? Cause sometimes I don't know where I'm standing....everything is b l u r r y ...I try to grab things, but they vanish like fish from the fisherman. I have dReAmS and hopes, these two words that are a key to survive in a world full of . . . (can't find the proper words).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Camera Obscura

Ayer 10 de febrero Camera Obscura, grupo escoces directo desde Glasgow, dio un concierto en el Polyforum Siqueiros, al lado del WTC. A pesar de la laaaaarga espera afuera del lugar y del frio que hacía, todos nos llevamos un muy buen sabor de boca. El lugar estuvo bastante ad hoc al estilo de musica del grupo, musica tranquila, y un lugar pequeño, con poca gente, incluso los podías ver y escuchar sentado en el piso. Tocaron durante aproximadamente una hora casi todas las canciones de su ultimo disco "let's get out of ths country", y no podía faltar el jubilo de la gente al escuchar los primeros acordes de "hey Lloyd, I'm REady to Be Heartbroken". Ninguno de los cinco podía creer el fanatismo de la gente mexicana por sus canciones, incluso Tracyanne Campbell lo expresó en inglés, "Mexico is the best City of the world!" Muy bien por Noiselab al haberlos traído, y para quienes no hayan escuchado de ellos, metanse a su pagina y escuchen un poco de su musica sentimental al estilo de Belle and Sebastian.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The small details...

People are like robots, interpreting life the same way everytime. Their eyes don't know that there are some small details hidden cautiously everywhere, like germs on dirty hands. They don't know those small details make a GREAT difference on how life REALLY is. Their lifes are shallow, senseless, like an empty box of cookies. Fortunately, those little details have appeared to my sight, making my life much more complex, but pleasant and full of emotions. Those Germs are everywhere. You try to take them away, but I try to keep them close to me.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lost in Translation

Lost in Transaltion (Perdidos en Tokio)
Por: Tania Uribe
Dirección y guión: Sofia Coppola
Producción: Francis Ford Coppola y Sofia Coppola
Actuaciones: Scarlett Johansson, Hill Murria, Giovanni Ribisi,
Fotografía: Lance Acord
Música: Kevin Shields
EUA/Japón, 2003

La mayoría de las veces lo sencillo tiende a brindarnos mucha mas satisfacción que lo complicado. El ser humano tiende a complicarse demasiado las acciones de su vida pensando que así, las consecuencias serán mucho más fructíferas y placenteras. Este ejemplo lo aplico al cine, y es que muchas veces una película sencilla, pero bien manejada, da resultados fascinantes, atrapándonos en su historia. Lost In Translation es un ejemplo de esto. La historia es sencilla: Bob Harris, un actor americano que visita la ciudad de Tokio donde fue contratado para filmar comerciales de una bebida, y Charlotte, la joven esposa de un fotógrafo profesional, dedicado casi todo el tiempo a su trabajo, dejando en la vida de Charlotte un vacío. Las dos historias se conectan, ya que Bob Y Charlotte se encuentran hospedados en el mismo hotel. A pesar de estar rodeados de millones de personas, los dos se sienten completamente solos. Charlotte, por un lado, trata de buscar su lugar en el mundo, mientras Bob trata de encontrar un lugar en su vida monótona a lado de su esposa. Separados y a la vez juntos, Bob y Charlotte experimentan una enorme confusión debido a las diferencias culturales y de lenguaje que existen entre ellos y los japoneses. Se dan cuenta que por no compartir la misma cultura ni el mismo lenguaje, no pertenecen a este mundo, hay una barrera que no les permite poder interactuar. La barrera se rompe cuando los dos se conocen y pueden platicar e identificarse con su misma cultura y con ellos mismos. Es aquí cuando la historia arranca con más fuerza, viendo como los dos ya pueden interactuar con la cultura de los japoneses, teniéndose el uno al lado del otro, sintiéndose mucho mas seguros por la misma identidad que se ofrecen recíprocamente.
Sofia Coppola nos ofrece una historia bien contada que también nos propone reflexionar sobre ese momento en el que alguna vez nos hemos sentido así, SOLOS, a pesar de todos los que nos rodean, tratándonos de encontrar para así poder interactuar en el mundo. La película además nos propone que los idiomas construyen mundos distintos entre cada cultura y mientras no lo sepas hablar, no eres parte de éste.
Finalmente, a medida que su relación se hace más profunda, se dan cuenta que en algún momento se tendrán que alejar ya que su visita a Japón está por terminar, aunque el final nos deja con un gran signo de interrogación: ¿realmente se separan?

by frag

Escrito publicado en la Chakota enero / febrero