Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The book of light pt. 1

Oh yeah...so good, so sweet, so calm. The sky...I can see it. No clouds, no rain, just blue, so clear!

I feel fine, holding hands, we can reach heaven.
I believe, yes, I believe I can!
I feel no fear, no guilt. I have the key!
Love is red. They say. Love is grey.
Let's run! Let's Hide!
Stuck? Stuck in the middle.
But one day, there will be one day...when I can see the sky again.
A smile on my face, my heart on my chest.
No pain, just memories like drops draining in the face.
"Relief...oh yeah! so good, so sweet, so calm" - I whisper to you.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My lost soul

Don't know exactly what is happening.
Thought this would be harder, but right now I am floating.
I don't catch the images in my mind.
I try to grab one, but it melts as I try to stare at it and comprehend.
I am floating in this grey water. Moving my hands drawing a path.
The moon above is the witness of my deception.
She just pulls me back, avoiding to commit the same mistake again.
"Don't use your hands, just let the flow slow"
"Don't go back there, there are many ways out"
My treacherous mind! sometimes white, sometimes black!
Don't want to grab the polaroids.
Don't want to develop any picture of what reminds of you inside of me.
"Time will tell...don't get lost. Keep on floating. I am keeping an eye on you"