Sunday, December 14, 2008


Limitations and a red line, what is right and wrong always glued on my forehead. All this mixture create a mask and a wall I dont wanna carry on my back. Fake illusions, always trying to give the correct amount of sympathy for them. But in the end, that was it: just fake illusions. I keep wondering, is it me? do I have the key for compasion?, is there a magical spell to open the door of happiness?
where is the red botton?

Many others think all this pressure is for granted.
Those many others think they have this keen eye.
Those particular others....

Sometimes I feel I am pushing this to hard.
Sometimes I just feel I have to let the flow go.
Sometimes I literally feel like choking on the unawareness of their sight.

All this demons I´ve created are becoming spies, witnessess of my future plans.
I hope they keep quiet.
I hope they keep staring, mouthless and cautious.
...for the sake of my mind.


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Sofia Elena said...

Tanita! Estás bien??? Tu post me deja intranquila...

Te quiero!